Post Jam Version + Linux and Mac

Linux and Mac versions out now!


  • Added a save system - Get back where you left the game
  • Revamped menus
  • Added some screen shake in combat
  • Removed dash limit - Unlimited Dash
  • Added instruction about repairs
  • Increased enemies in some levels
  • Added crosshair
  • Minor visual changes to Gravity Core
Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed issues with some enemy attacks
  • Fixed typos in names of some points of interest
  • Fixed issues in some end cases where the dialogs weren't supposed to play
  • Fixed an issue in Primary Comms. Array where some enemies were getting stuck
  • Fixed an end case in which the game didn't end



TimelessSpacePC_v0.1.1 [Post-Jam].zip 26 MB
Nov 12, 2019
TimelessSpaceLinux_v0.1.1 [Post-Jam].tar.gz 35 MB
Nov 12, 2019
TimelessSpaceMac_v0.1.1 [Post-Jam].zip 32 MB
Nov 12, 2019

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