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The year is 2052. All attempts to tame the wild west have failed.

The town of Blackridge has been infested with bandits. As the sheriff, your job is to take down those bastards and keep Blackridge safe.

  • The New West - Experience the western frontier in the year 2052
  • Shoot cyborg bandits
  • Use the environment to your advantage - Look out for barrels,  chandeliers, strange idols
  • Save hostages for rewards
  • Be the fastest gun in the New West


Before Drawing: Plan your attack. Click LMB/RMB to mark/unmark targets

After Drawing: LMB/RMB to shoot them bastards


This is a small prototype and only has 4 levels right now. I would love to know what you think about this game. Feel free to leave your feedback in the comments. All feedback is greatly appreciated.


GunsOfTheNewWest v0.1.9 [PC].zip 23 MB
GunsOfTheNewWest_v0.1.9 [Linux].tar.gz 30 MB
GunsOfTheNewWest_v0.1.9 [Mac].zip 27 MB

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